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Gwen Parrish
Owner / Agent


Local to Lake City, Gwen Parrish has a passion for helping Medicare members in her community with all their healthcare needs. She has been a licensed insurance agent for the State of Florida, specializing in Medicare plans for the last 10 years. Medicare is complicated and confusing with all the moving parts, plans, enrollment periods and penalties. What sets Gwen a part from other agents is she offers a brief tutorial in understanding basic Medicare before going into plan options. With this knowledge, members can make more informed decisions. “It’s very rewarding helping seniors. Many times we can help get their Part B premium paid, which puts another $1600 in their pocket each year. Also, helping them reduce their prescription drug costs and reduce co-pays is a game-changer. It’s very rewarding when we can win together.” -Gwen Parrish

Colton Parrish
Owner / Agent

Colton Parrish (son of Gwen Parrish) is one of our most knowledgeable Medicare agents. Colton is a paramedic turned Medicare Agent since 2020. He’s already helped hundreds of clients get the best Advantage or Supplement for their needs.

Christine Beardsley
Owner / Agent

Christine Beardsley has been an agent since 2020 and has won many awards for being one of the top agents in Florida. Her passion for helping people is unmatched. Christine was a nurse for many years before stepping into insurance and her medical background help her identify her client’s needs.

Charlotte Parrish

Charlotte Parrish (wife to Colton Parrish) has been an agent since 2020 and is also an ER nurse. Her medical background helps her better understand Medicare and prescription drug plan options.

Courtney Robertson

Courtney has been in the medical field since 2020, working as a Paramedic in the ER. This background gives her knowledge that benefits her clients when it comes to medical billing, medications, and general medical services work. Courtney enjoys helping others by being the support and advocate they need when it comes to their health insurance needs.

Hallie Allen

Hallie has been an agent since 2021 and has helped hundreds of clients. Over the past year, Hallie has become a top producing agent for multiple carriers. She prides herself in being an advocate for her clients and making sure each client is receiving all of the benefits they deserve. She views each of her clients as a friend and will do everything she can to help satisfy their needs. Hallie resides in Lake Butler, FL with her fiance Witt and their two labs, RJ and Rayna.

Caley Porter

Caley Porter (daughter of Gwen Parrish) is the behind the scenes guru. You may not see her face around the office as she lives in Missouri with her family, but her fingerprints are all over Senior Health Advocates.
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